19 Kids and Counting Courtship: Crazy or Worth It?


Approximately 50 percent of American marriages end in divorce. Crazy right!? Could it be the average couple is doing something wrong? According to TLC’s favorite family, the Duggars, they are!


19 Kids and Counting is one of The Learning Channel’s top rated shows. It follows the Duggars, a Christian family who believe that children are a gift from God. Parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, have 19 children who abide strict religious rules that would inhibit them from being the average American teenager. Unlike most kids in America their age, the Duggar’s lifestyle does not allow them to casually date but rather, court.


Courting, or dating with a purpose as the Duggars call it, is defined as a relationship between a man and a woman in which they seek to determine if it is God’s will for them to marry each other. No, this does not mean that the marriage is arranged but instead it requires parental involvement. In this case, a young man who is interested in a young woman must acquire permission to court from her father. It is then that the couple can commence on a well-controlled courtship. All dates are chaperoned, which helps for the two young people to stay pure until marriage. This means the relationship consists of side-hugs only until engagement; then, the couple may hold hands. Each of the Duggar children has also decided to save their first kiss for their wedding day.


Though there are 19 Duggar kids, only 3 of them have begun courting. (Their oldest son, Josh, is even married!) Recently, the first two daughters have started their courtships. A woman’s responsibility in a courtship seem to be much more extensive then a man’s. The Duggars each make a list of the qualities they are looking for in a person. The women must then make themselves appealing to a godly man. She must adapt to exacting standards imbedded in constructions of instinctive male brutishness and feminine virtue. In order for a man to be considered godly, he must honor the women in his life by containing himself. This means no addictions and controlled anger. However, for a woman to be considered godly the list is much longer. Seemingly, in a courtship, women are inferior. A courtship is often seen as a connection with male headship and female submission.

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Uncontrolled anger on the man’s part is a large concern for the Duggars. They feel they are lucky to have a father who is able to manage his temper; therefore, there is no reason why any other man should not be able to do the same. Without a courtship, they say that women are subject to uncontrolled male sexual appetite and violence. So again, the supervision of the parents will not allow for the couple to be in physical or moral danger.


When talking to young people around my campus about this lifestyle, I received wide eyes and responses like “that’s crazy”. In my opinion, people in today’s world tend to respond in this way because we live according to much different standards. While few families like the Duggars seem to think that sex outside of “marriage can only spread disease, death and destruction but sex within marriage is pure, wholesome, and beautiful”, many other people have different views. True, most parents do not want their children sleeping around with many different people. But, even in terms of kissing or any other form of intimacy for that matter, how could two people truly know if they are meant to be by loving from such physical distance.


However, something must be working because over 20 years later, the Duggar parents are still happily married and raising their 19 children to follow in their footsteps!


If you’re interested!  Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger, the oldest daughters, have written a book entitled Growing Up Duggar. Get it here!



Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour



It has been a while since 2005, when Hannah Montana was one of the biggest things in children’s entertainment. We have since come a long way. Miley has made the transition from Disney star to provocative pop entertainer. In her attempt to stray away from the automatic association with her and the Disney image, she has gone to great lengths to change her persona. She has called it the Miley Movement! The definition of this so-called movement? Well, no one knows for sure. However, what we do know is that she is taking a strategic approach to her character change. Miley and her team have plotted all of this craziness out. Clearly, they have gotten out attention and the plan is working.


Cyrus is currently on her own headlining tour, Bangerz, blowing away audiences, city by city. The tour kicked off on February 14 in Vancouver, Canada. The show is filled with Miley trademarks—tongues, twerking, and animated cats. Audience screams filled the stadium when Miley made her grand entrance in a pink slippery robe. As far as fashion goes, all of her outfit changes consist of sparkling designer onesies—from Jeremy Scott to Marc Jacobs. However, though the show could be considered inappropriate to some, there is nothing extremely shocking about it. Many would expect something completely crazy and out of the ordinary, because she is Miley Cyrus, but there is nothing completely out of her realm.


Aside from the show, there is loads of Miley merchandise for fans to purchase. There are T-shirts, books, and even gold rolling paper (24-karat). This was not the only thing that preaches Miley’s love for cannabis! During the show, she also has a dancer dressed as a joint on stage while the others were dressed as lighters. Just in case he happened to burn out.


Finally, during the encore, the arena turns into somewhat of a nightclub. The lights go down and the pop star proceeds to fly above the crowd aboard a giant “hot dog”. If that’s not entertainment, then I don’t know what is!


Mixed reviews and all, Miley continues to sell out shows! Though considered crazy, she succeeds in her attempt to get attention. Tickets continue to be on sale although the tour has been postponed. Check out Ticketmaster for your local show!

Tour Postponed?! Check out the news here.


Set List:

1. ‘SMS (Bangerz)’

2. ‘4×4’

3. ‘Love, Money, Party’

4. ‘My Darlin’

5. ‘Maybe You’re Right’

6. ‘FU’

7. ‘Do My Thang’


9. ‘Can’t Be Tamed’

10. ”Adore You’

11. ‘Drive’

12. ‘Rooting For My Baby’ (Acoustic)

13. ‘Jolene’ – Dolly Parton cover (Acoustic)

14. ‘Hey Ya’ – Outkast cover (Acoustic)

15. ’23’

16. ‘On My Own’

17. ‘Someone Else’

18. ‘Wrecking Ball’

19. ‘We Can’t Stop’

Encore: ‘Party In The USA’


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The Evolution of Music and Boybands


Music—an ever-changing element. Just when you caught on to what is happening, a new artist has stepped on the scene and is ready to change it up again. If you were to take a look a music timeline, to no surprise, you would probably find over 100 genres you did not even know existed.

However, a major part of our music would undeniably have to be boybands. They have become such a prominent part of our music culture that it is hard to say where music would be without them. Some of groups are such a staple to the industry.

I sat down with my grandfather, James Fallucca, who has been a part of a Doo Wop group—boyband—since the early 60s. I asked him a few questions regarding how the bands have influenced one another throughout the years.

I figured someone who has not only lived through this evolutionary change but has also been a part of it, may have something to say on the topic.


Q: Would you say the music now is better, worse, or just different from when you were younger?

A: I would say music to each generation is basically the same, but the generations from yesterday and today are very different in what they enjoy. Back then, it was the song and the drama within it that sold, now it’s the appeal. Today there is a lot of dance music—songs are 6 minutes. In my time, they were a minute a fifty seconds to two minutes long. In my day it was a lot simpler, today it is a lot more complicated.

Q: In terms of boybands, which group would you say has been the most influential?

A: In my time, Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers…they were only teens and they excited every kid in that heard their music. You thought to yourself, “Hey, if that 13-year-old kid could do what he is doing, why can’t I do that?” So we patented ourselves off boybands, like Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers.


Q: Would you say, being in a group until this day, you guys are learning from the new groups?

A: I have been in a group since I am a kid, the early 60s; and I, like many other performers, follow what is going on at the time. Like it was done years before that, we take the better parts of the music or tactics. Everyone tries to emulate the better parts of the music. I like some of the stuff that is out there today, a lot of times when I am writing, or putting together a song, even if it is an old song, we still try to do it in a fashion so that a lot of the people of today could relate to the song. So, yes, music does mix and match. The old with the new and the new with old!


After talking about how much music has changed and the ways it has stayed the same, we concluded that no matter what the time period, every group will always learn from the group before them. Music is universal and constantly changing.

The evolution of boybands! Listen Here!

Pop Culture VS Politics



Pop culture is an extremely large part of what young people see. In fact, these days it has a bigger impact on our lives than current events or breaking news. The young adults of our generation are too busy scrolling down E! News and checking their latest Twitter updates to know what is actually going on in the world. Don’t believe me!? Check my latest video out! I asked some basic pop and political questions to my a few college students and this is what I got!

Has Nick Cannon Taken His Album Promotion Too Far?



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Has Nick Cannon gone too far in order to promote his new album? The artist posted a video on Instagram of himself sporting a whiteface along with a blond wig, new clothes, and a “skater” accent.

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